Sunday, February 11, 2007

Japanese Movie//Tokyo Friends

Tokyo Friends

Small-town girl Rei (Otsuka Ai) moves to the big city to pursue her dreams. In Tokyo, she finds work at a pub and befriends the three other girls who work there, Maki (Kobayashi Mao), Ryoko (Makimura Yoko), and Hirono (Matsumoto Rio). At the invitation of Takashi (Eita), Rei becomes the lead vocalist for the band Sakaban. Takashi and Rei grow closer as they strive for their musical dreams together, but their relationship becomes strained when Takashi moves to a different band and later disappears. Determined to continue singing, Rei and Sakaban slowly make their mark in the music scene. One day, Rei receives news that Takashi was seen in New York and she decides to go look for him...

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