Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Chinese Movie//A Battle of the Wits

A Battle of the Wits

Andy Lau portrays a superhero in ancient China - not the kind of heroes that possess great martial arts skills frequently appearing in this genre, but a man who fights tough battles with great intelligence. Director Jacob Cheung, renowned for making contemporary-set movies such as The Kid (with Leslie Cheung), presents his first period epic A Battle of Wits which pleases movie fans with the magnificent, realistic war scenes and its thought-provoking content. Adapted from a popular Japanese manga titled Bokko, A Battle of Wits features Korean veteran Ahn Sung Ki and handsome Super Junior member Choi Si Won. Cast also includes Taiwanese singer Nicky Wu, Fan Bingbing from A Chinese Tall Story, and Mainland actor Wang Zhiwen.
Besides witty battle strategies, A Battle of Wits creates greater interest with its philosophical content about Mohism, a belief in universal love and peace that actually existed in Chinese history. The main character of the film, Ge Le, successfully delivered by Andy Lau, is a follower of Mohism. The story takes place in the city-state of Liang, ruled by the incapable King (Wang Zhiwen), which is now the target of invasion from its neighboring kingdom. The Kingdom of Zhao sends ten thousand soldiers led by the renowned general Xiang Yanzhong (Ahn Sung Ki) in attempt to conquer this little city-state, inhabited by only 4000. The King of Liang secured assistance from the followers of Mohism, but he never expected that they would only send the shabbily dressed Ge Le...

Andy Lau as Tak Wah
Fan as Bing Bing
Nicky Wu as Kei Lung
Ahn as Sung Ki
Choi as Siwon
Li as Bing Bing
Wang as Zhiwen
Hung as Tin Chiu

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